Roquette: a global supplier for global needs

Visit us at CPHI, October 9th-11th, 2012 in Madrid
Hall 9 - Stand 9B16

Roquette is a long-established supplier of actives and excipients to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Our slogan "Simply formulate your wishes" points to the many services we offer and to the strength of our underlying support. Whatever their requirements and aims, we are committed to providing the guidance needed to make the best possible use of excipients right through the development process, from the creation of prototypes to scale-up.

Our very wide range of excipients means there is exceptional potential for meeting customers’ needs, notably in the areas of:

  • Injectables (enteral and parenteral nutrition)
  • Tablets obtained by direct compression or wet granulation
  • Film forming and film coating
  • Syrups, suspensions, Granules and sachets
  • Orodispersible tablets
  • OTC and nutraceuticals
  • Toothpastes and mouthwashes

Thanks to its expertise, Roquette is world leader in the parenteral preparations market, offering a reliable pyrogen-free range of life-saving injectable products such as dextrose monohydrate LYCADEX® PF, mannitol PEARLITOL® PF, sorbitol NEOSORB® PF, and parenteral grade hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrin KLEPTOSE® HPB/HP.

Recently, ROQUETTE launched a new dedicated LYCADEX® PF facility
Over a nearly 40-year period, ROQUETTE has become a pioneer through manufacture of LYCADEX® PF, its pyrogen-free dextrose. ROQUETTE developed many of the now established production steps and is the leader in the manufacturing of such carbohydrates in Europe. This leadership position comes with a sense of corporate responsibility to ensure the continuity of these vital products and this in turn has led to continuous investment. For injectable applications, market structure and regulation are more demanding on quality system, standards, testing and manufacture conditions and results. As a responsible market leader, ROQUETTE has decided to invest in a new dedicated plant and to remain a main actor in this area.

Roquette now offers on-site assistance for LYCOAT® and ReadiLYCOAT®. Our LYCOAT® film coating polymer and ReadiLYCOAT® ready-to-use coating systems allow tablets to be coated very quickly (can save up to 50% or more time) and to a high standard. LYCOAT® film coating polymer has proven to be exceptionally inert, unlike other coating polymers. Customers can obtain more process insights at www.readilycoat.com.

KLEPTOSE® cyclodextrins are efficient solubilization enhancers and taste-masking agents. A full range is available, from native to hydroxypropyl cyclodextrins, for use in many dosage forms, from solid to liquid.

A new product based on special food grade maltodextrin – KLEPTOSE® LINECAPS –   has also been developed as a taste-masking technology for any kind of dosage forms (liquids, chewable tablets, ODT, suspensions, etc), capable of masking the bitter taste of drugs by decreasing the overall amount of drug particles exposed to the taste buds. Its food grade acceptability is particularly suitable for the paediatric market.

Among other fillers and binders, Roquette’s range of polyols is outstanding and includes PEARLITOL® mannitol, NEOSORB® sorbitol powder and solution, SweetPearl® maltitol, LYCASIN® maltitol solution and XYLISORB® xylitol. New grades have been introduced to meet the requirements of the industry, opening up a new field of applications. Tablets with a pleasant taste and texture can be formulated very easily with new directly-compressible polyols such as SweetPearl® P 300 DC, XYLISORB ® DC and NEOSORB® P 150 DC and P 300 DC. High-quality chewable, orodispersible or suckable tablet production is now problem-free.

Today, the direct scale-up of formulations offers a new way to reduce drug development time and cost. To further strengthen this drive, Roquette and the Institut de la Garonne have pooled their expertise to provide a new compression modeling service.

Multifunctional and compounded excipients have also been developed to meet industry needs for easier to use but sophisticated formulas. PEARLITOL® Flash and STARLAC® are used, for instance, in attractive orodispersible tablet formulas as well as in nutraceuticals.

The GLYCOLYS® range of superdisintegrants has been produced for more than 30 years and is used successfully in many tablet and capsule formulations.

 And whatever the granulators, the LYCATAB® range of binders is the answer to wet granulation.

To be as close as possible to the demand for its products and services, Roquette is constantly strengthening its worldwide presence. With Research and Development at the heart of our business philosophy, we are the vital link between customers' requirements and the pioneering of new products, processes and applications.
At Roquette we help you formulate whatever you want, when you want it, where you want it.

Roquette looks forward to welcoming you to stand 9B16 at CPHI Madrid from October 9th till 11th, 2012, where our specialists are ready to answer any of your questions about our enabling technologies and services.