A novel method for measuring the swelling effect of disintegrants in tablets and

This poster presents a new method for measuring the tablet disintegration swelling speed for a better understanding of the action of disintegrants...

H. Rein1, Ch. Brockmann1, O. Häusler2

1 Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, Bonn, Germany, Pharmaceutical Technology
2 Roquette Frères, 62080- Lestrem, France
Email olaf.haeusler@roquette.com, Tel +33 (321) 63-3753

(Scientific poster - PBP 7th world Meeting / Malta - March 2010) 


Tablet disintegration is a crucial requirement for its practical value. The usual pharmacopeial methods for tablet disintegration give only limited information about the action and the efficacy of different disintegrants. A complementary test has been developed for a better understanding of the action of disintegrants.