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> Powder technology

> Powder preparation

> Direct compression

> Tablet evaluation

> Pharmaceutical confectionery

> Oral care

> Pharmaceutical syrups

> Formulation expertise

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Powder technology


Understanding powder properties is essential to efficient tablet manufacture.

Parameters such as bulk density, compressibility, hygroscopicity, particle size, flowability and dust formation need to be controlled.



Powder preparation


Once the powders have been carefully chosen they must be prepared for either compression or to fill sachets or hard capsules.

The quality of the product depends on correctly mixing, coloring, flavoring, etc. Other steps such as wet or dry granulation are critical to ensure homogeneity.

In our application laboratories we study all these operations.



Direct compression


Compression converts the powder into tablets. Three factors: Compression forces, Punch design and Type of press, are essential for end-product quality and ease of production.

Our laboratories are equipped with a range of presses dedicated to aiding optimum formulation and evaluating behavior in industrial conditions.


Roquette Pharma can offer customized solutions for formulation development including the prediction of manufacturing settings on the industrial equipment addressing issues of compression simulation.

  •   How to determine the critical tabletting parameters?
  •   How to maximise the choice of the best tablet press?

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> Direct compression: cost-effective solutions to optimise your formulations and processes



Tablet evaluation


Once the tablets have been manufactured, quality control testing is indispensable.

The usual parameters such as hardness, thickness, weight, density, friability, and disintegration and dissolution times are monitored.

Other methods have also been established to obtain a better understanding of tablet features. One of these is observing appearance using electron microscopy or Instron measurements.



Pharmaceutical confectionery


Many confectionery products can be used as vectors for actives.

These include gums, hard candies (stamped or deposited) and chewing gums.

Roquette has over 30 years of experience in sugar-free confectionery and this expertise is readily applicable to pharmaceutical formulations.



Oral care


For several decades Roquette has been the leading global producer of polyols for oral care.

We have played a major role in assisting customers in developing diverse formulations, be they white, translucent, clear or opaque, paste or liquid, or whether they contain actives, baking soda or microbeads.

Roquette also possesses expertise in novel oral care measures, including oral strips and tongue-scratching candies.



Pharmaceutical syrups

Formulating a syrup is not necessarily a simple task.

Many parameters have to be controlled to suit the active ingredients, including pH, color stability, precipitation, suspension and separation, crystallization and cap-locking.



Formulation expertise


In this area, too, we have the expertise and equipment to help you develop any formulation.

Working closely with customers under confidentiality agreements, we develop as many as 100 formulations a year. We offer expertise for every step of manufacturing, across a wide range of applications.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you.



On-site assistance


Roquette offers on-site assistance for LYCOAT®, film coating polymer, and ReadiLYCOAT®, ready-to-use coating systems.

  •   Assistance for your trials
  •   Process parameters optimization

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