LYCASIN® 75/75 liquid maltitol

LYCASIN® 75/75 - 80/55 - 85/55 - HBC maltitol syrups - Monograph

Sugarless excipient for medicinal preparations

is a maltitol syrup with properties of taste and sweetness ideal for the preparation of sugar-free syrups, lozenges or jellies

The composition of these maltitol syrups was specifically developed to generate very little acid production when in contact with the plaque bacteria; this means that they are guaranteed not to induce caries. 

These maltitol syrups are widely used for confectionery applications. In the pharmaceutical industry, these maltitol syrups are also a sucrose replacement in preparations such as sugarless syrups, lozenges and jellies, in particular those for pediatric use.

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Glucose grades for the preparation of injectable, parenteral nutrition and dialysis solutions.