Our commitments

Dedicated to make your products best in class products

Roquette's Pharma plays a key role in its customers’ development process thanks to the support of its research, control and application laboratories.

We help make sure a new product comes off the production line exactly as specified, to a consistent quality, backed by the highest standards of service.

From conception to realisation, your progress is our obligation. For Roquette, it is all about integration: customer and market, market and product, product and consumer.

Dedicated to provide solutions: High quality excipients and active ingredients associated with valuable services

Valuable services extending from the analytical to the formulation support, the regulatory and quality compliance assistance, and as an audit provider.


Dedicated business unit with an international network

Understanding the needs of our global customers, Roquette’s commercial network of subsidiaries and agents all around the world assure customers worldwide security of supply for its products and services.