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Roquette Pharma solutions - Flyer

Roquette provides you most of the ingredients you need, with a full set of enabling functionalities for the formulation of many dosage forms, as well as new services.


Discover Roquette Pharma Solutions!


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Creative and reliable DC formulation ? – 4 pages

Discover ROQUETTE’s comprehensive range of Directly Compressible (DC) polyols, allowing the creation of a multitude of tastes and textures for all types of tablets.


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Formulating with Roquette Pharma Solutions, Excipients & Active Ingredients / Product guide – 28 pages

For each pharma applications, the guide allows you to choose different products by functionality, and by conformity to the main pharmacopeias.


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Enabling formulation technology for Vitamins & Dietary Supplements - 66 pages

To support the requirements of a rapidly expanding Vitamins and Dietary Supplements  market, Roquette offers a diverse range of valuable ingredients and nutraceutical actives.

The major objective of this brochure is to provide a short background on Vitamins and Dietary Supplements formulations and emphasize innovative ingredients, nutraceutical actives and technologies from Roquette.

GLYCOLYS® - superdisintegrant efficient and versatile in all formulations - 4 pages

Discover Roquette’s range of GLYCOLYS® superdisintegrants for your tablets and capsules formulations.

GLYCOLYS® a single answer for many formulations – 8 pages
GLYCOLYS® sodium starch glycolate is a superdisintegrant which facilitates rapid dissolution and hence bio-availability of drugs. It is suitable for all oral dosage forms. This brochure presents GLYCOLYS® and its distinctive advantages.
KLEPTOSE® HPB – A safe solubilizing excipient for ocular drug delivery - 8 pages
This technical compilation gives practical insight to those seeking to formulate with Hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrins for ocular drug delivery.

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