November 24, 2006 Functional Advantages of a Novel Modified Starch over HPMC in Aqueous Film Coating of Tablets (AAPS 2006)
The poster highlights the significant advantages of LYCOAT®, a specially pregelatinized, new-generation, hydroxypropyl starch polymer, over HPMC in aqueous film coating.
June 29, 2006 Influence of lubricants on the tableting and disintegration time of tablets made (5th World Meeting Geneva 2006)
The study highlights the effect of lubricants on the disintegration time of the co-processed excipient vs. the physical blend. Other important characteristics like tablet hardness and ejection force are also reported.
June 27, 2006 Water soluble Progesterone-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin complex for injectable f (5th World Meeting Geneva 2006)
Progesterone is a natural hormone utilized as a drug to control reproductive function and for postmenopausal therapy. Out of the existing administration routes, the injectable route is the preferred choice because of higher bioavailability. However the existing pharmaceutical forms allow intramuscular injection only and this has encouraged the research of new water soluble injectable pharmaceutical forms.
March 1, 2006 Preformulation study of Fast Melting Tablets (5th World Meeting Geneva 2006)
Mannitol selected as the best filler to further optimize physical stability, mouth feel and fast disintegration of type-C polymethacrylate-containing Fast Melting Tablets.
January 17, 2006 From Commodities to Specialized Excipients ()
Considered a traditional excipient and trusted through many years of use, starch is also the source of a variety of complex excipient derivatives.
October 27, 2010 New Dextrins supplementing Fiber with Innovation (P.C. Magazine)
Formulations containing a novel soluble dextrin fiber have been shown to exhibit several advantages in processibility and clinical response over those containing existing fibers.